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Fun Halloween party ideas

Pirates Theme

Haunted House

Dr. Jeckyl's Laboratory

See you in the fall of 2010 for more great deals and discounts for Halloween costumes and accessories. 

You can have a great Halloween party in your own home, or you can hold it at one of the many theme party places in town, from indoor kids playgrounds, bowling alley or sport centers to the local movie theater to see a scary or not-so-scary movie, many businesses offer Halloween packages.

You can also convert your garage into a walk-through Haunted House with creepy creatures and ghoulish frights.



Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2010The ghosts, goblins and Hannah Montanas were out again in full force last October.

Hopefully you had a great Halloween, come back next year 2011 for some more Halloween tips and we will review the latest, greatest costumes or you can go through the closet to see what we want to be for Halloween next year.

Trick or Treating and also Halloween Parties and even some school gatherings means we may need to wear different costumes or the same costume many times.

A little planning to make sure all the pieces, makeup etc. is in one place goes a long way to avoiding Halloween stress and making the season festive and enjoyable. Even Disney World has the Magic Kingdom all decorated for Halloween and Main Street looks spooktacular! Next year, you may catch the "Not so scary Halloween Party" at Disney World Orlando.

A fun project for Halloween that you can both decorate and eat is to make a Gingerbread Halloween House. Making a Gingerbread Haunted House is easy when you get a pre-made kit. You can decorate the house with different colored icing, candy and even a cookie-ghost. See Gingerbread Halloween House for more info.



We hope you enjoyed your Happy Halloween!

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